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How to shop (english)

How to Shop?

a) When you find a product you would like to order, do the following:
 - select the size you want from the dropdown menu. If you are not sure what size to choose, press “størrelsesguiden” to find out.
 - when you have selected the correct size, press “legg til i handlekurven” (add to shopping cart).

b) When you have done this, you will get two choices:
 - press “handle videre” if you would like to do some more shopping.
 - press “til handlekurven” if you are done shopping and would like to place the order.

c) When you are done shopping, you can at any time press “handlekurv” at the upper right corner. Here you will go through 4 steps before the order is complete.


1) Make sure that your order is ok.

- Press “gå til kassen” if everything looks ok.

- “Produkter” is the products you have ordered.
- “Pris” is the Norwegian prize of the product.
- “Antall” is how many you want of this product.
- To change size, choose this from the dropdown menu.
- To remove a product from you order, press “X”.
- If you have a discount code, enter this in the field “Rabattkode”.

2) Choose delivery method.

- MyPack is regular mail and will be sent to your mailbox. Prize is 49 NOK.
- Hentes på vårt lager is Free. If you select this option you can pick up your order at our Warehouse in Stavanger, Norway.
- Posten Ekspress over natt costs 399 NOK. This should only be used when you need your order as soon as possible. With this option you will have your package delivered at your doorstep, before 9 o'clock the very next morning.
- Posten Klimanøytral Servicepakke costs 79 NOK. With this option you can pick up your package at your local post office. You can choose to pay when you pick up the package.

3) Choose payment method.
- Mastercard – free.
- Visa – free.
- Klarna Konto – free. You need a Klarna account.
- Klarna Faktura – You will get an invoice inside your package that you have to pay within 2 weeks.
- Postoppkrav – 139 NOK. Pay when you pick up the package at your local post office.

4) Make sure that your name, email and address is correct.

- Press ”Kundeinfo ok – send bestillingen” if you have done this before and everything looks ok. If not, type in your personal information.
- Press “Avbryt” to go back to step 1.

- Fornavn: Your first name
- Etternavn: Your last name
- E-post: Your email address.
- Retype E-post: Type in your email address one more time to confirm.
- Telefonnummer: Your Phone number (best to use Cellphone number)
- Land: Country (Norway)
- By: City
- Gateadresse: Street Address
- Postnr: Your Postal code (4 digits)
- Passord: Password
- Gjenta passord: Repeat password.
- Abbonere på nyhetsbrev: Check this if you want to get offers from us by email.

- After placing a succesful order you will get a confirmation by mail. If you don't get this mail, please contact us.

- If you want to change your address or contact information. You can at any time do this at “Min konto” at the menu to the left.

If you are experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail post@motehus.no,

or phone (+47) 51 96 44 99 between 09 am - 3 pm on weekdays.